Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 2016 O'Richey-O Halloween Costumes:
...although I kind of look like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas in this PARTICULAR shot...

I'm so, so excited about this you guys.  So excited.  We've been planning this family costume ever since we realized that our child would be about a year old come Halloween.  Which is to say this has been nearly 18 months in the planning.  It's nice to see it finally take shape, even if no one else (save, like, three trick-or-treaters) got to see it in the flesh.

I am cognizant of the fact that this family portrait is actually pretty damn macabre- but then again, this is Halloween, when you're supposed to face up to the things that terrify you.  And leaving my child orphaned is definitely something that frightens me to my core- far more than any ghosts or goblins.  Fear is personal that way, as is how we confront it.  For me, at least, the best strategy I can conceive of is to laugh at it.
The boychild isn't phased, anyway.

Riddikulus, indeed.

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