Losing Six Inches

My hair has been getting absolutely out of control, lately.  It's the longest it's ever been- long enough to sit on- and while it is lovely and definitely fulfilling a girlhood dream, it's also a giant pain in my ass.

So today I decided to do something about that.
PS behold my awesome socks.
 Melanie (my amazing stylist) said, "So you're wanting to take about four inches off?"

"Four or six, whatever it takes to keep it looking healthy and full.  I trust you."

Melanie decided that six inches what what was needed, and snicker-snack, off it went.  (Well, snicker-snack after about an hour of applying/setting/rinsing dye).

It was incredible how much lighter my head felt!
My nails are shameful.  Please don't judge too harshly.
What's even more incredible is how... short it feels.  I mean I look at my reflection and I honestly feel like I have little girl hair.  I run my fingers through it, or brush it, and it's like... "I have no hair!"

That, of course, is ridiculous, since I very obviously have hair that still-qualifies as "ultra-long".

And yet.

I'm looking forward to settling into the haircut, when it just feels "normal" instead of "cropped".  I think it'll take about two weeks to adjust.

(That being said, it is awesome that I no longer have to be suuuuuper careful in the bathroom.  Also that it's no longer dragging all over the floor any time I sit or bend over.)

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