Blue Hubris

So remember when I was buying us a puzzle?  And I wanted us to be challenged?  Well, I may have been just a touch too ambitious, with my 1000-piece selection of various-shades-of-blue-and-violet.
The beginning.  When we still were young and optimistic.
We swiftly realized we'd need a "staging area", as it were, as well as our piecing-together area.

At least we remembered to do the edges first!

Sadly that is probably like four or five hours of (collective) work right there.  It felt really impressive at the time.


We got nowhere near finished in the time we had- so we very carefully broke what he had down into sections that would fit back in the box.  Stars only know when we'll have a chance to work on it again... but I may go buy us a 500-piecer just so we can try again some weekend.

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