Amber Avian Draft

We are going to a Comic Book themed Halloween party on Saturday.  Normally I'd have gone to the nines on our costumes, but since I'd already put quite a bit of effort into costumes that are not comic-book-related (stay tuned), I decide to be clever conceptually, and dress us up as Artist, Writer, and Inker.  And, of course, to complete the costumes I decided we'd make a tiny comic book.  Tonight I (the writer) wrote the rough draft of that comic:

Cover:  Amber Avian Adventures!

Page One:

Amber Avian Adventures, Issue One

Story by: Jenny O
Pictures by: Nathan
Ink by: Neeps

Cast: (just a little head shot of each character)

Duck: a mild-mannered duckling who stays in line- except when the weak need protecting: then he dons his secret identity of...
The Amber Avian: that fairest of fowls, sworn to stand against the naughty forces of the world, like…
Bad Pig: she just can’t seem to help herself- she’s always making trouble!  Especially for…
Wee Flipperling: Duck’s best friend, a seal who idolizes the heroic Amber Avian without realizing the two are one and the same!

Page Two: (little vignettes of a crying baby duck in a half shell; Duck releasing a fish from a hook; and the fish looking magical as sparkles form around Duck)

Abandoned at birth to fend for himself, Duck knows how hard the world can be for the small and defenseless.  When a magical fish granted him a wish in return for him saving her life, Duck knew just what to wish for- the power to defend all those who cannot defend themselves!  And so the fish transformed Duck into…

Page Three/Four: (two-page splash of Amber Avian fighting Bad Pig)


Page Five:

(AA has BP in custody and is scolding her as WF looks on, stars in his eyes.)

AA: Bad Pig!  How could you steal those kids’ food?!

BP: It smelled too delicious!  I had to have it!

AA: It doesn’t matter how delicious it smelled- it’s wrong to steal!

BP: But... I was sooo hungry!

AA: Then you should have asked for some food, not just taken it!  Now, you’re going to make these kids a new meal to replace what you stole!

Page Six:

(BP looks panicked, AA looks thoughtful, WF looks helpful.)

BP: But… but I don’t know how to cook!  That’s why I was hungry!

AA: I see- that is a problem… but one we can fix!  Wee Flipperling?

WF: Yes, Amber Avian?

AA: Can you teach Bad Pig how to cook?

WF: Anything for you, Amber Avian!  In fact, my best friend, Duck, is a really great cook!  I’m sure he’ll help, too!

(AA looks rueful, BP looks sulky, and WF looks delighted)

AA: Er, uh… great idea, friend!  What could go wrong?

Will Duck be able to keep his secret identity a secret when the heat gets turned up in the kitchen?  Tune in next time for more AMBER AVIAN ADVENTURES!

Back Cover:

Creators: (headshot of each of us)

Writer: Jenny O is a chronic story-teller

Artist: Nathan is an early-onset curmudgeon

Inker: Neeps is most certainly a pseudonym

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