Sea Bleeds

Today I wanted to try a background that takes advantage of the way watercolors bleed together, so I thought hey- underwater!
Sea urchin scrunchi.  As you do.
I did the bleed with veridian (might have been some payne's gray in there, too... it was leftover on my palette...) and ultramarine, and then I went back and glazed over the whole thing with turquoise.
Smoothed out.
And then of course once I finished all the colors, I went back in with my pen again.  I'd actually like to noodle around more with my pen, so we'll see what the future holds...
Gee, which of these three photos was taken under an artificial light...
We leave for Maui tomorrow (all in all a near-twelve hour travel day ugggghhhh), so it's unlikely I'll get a post up for the next few days.  As always, I'll backdate the entries to the appropriate... um, date... so when they hit it will be a slew of them.  I'm hoping to capture some nice local color!

(Ha hah, color.  Thank you, I'll see myself out...)


Angel Up Unarmed

I was reading a book, and for some reason the description in a small passage struck me as so serene and lovely that I immediately wanted to illustrate it, which led to a very quick sketch:
Mmm, beeswax.

Of course, after I finished that, and the first quick wash of color, I kept reading to let said wash of color dry, and discovered a few paragraphs later that said angel is supposed to have a sword and shield.  Whoops.

Anyway, it was a nice little thing to remind myself how how I can use watercolor to capture quick, unrefined impressions.  I look forward to trying it out on the go in Maui.



Because of course I had to follow up last night's entry:
Who's crazy now??
And you know what?  I really like this one, too.  I especially like the way I got the bleedy-blending to work in my favor, for a change.  Just wanna pinch those lil' cheeks.  (But I never would, because he'd snap one of those branches in two and chase me with the spikes like an adorable little psycho...)


Princess Poppy

My son, like most two-year-olds, has multiple obsessions, and one of them is Trolls.  As I worked on tonight's piece, the holiday special was playing in the background.  Three back-to-back times.  It's a testament to the creators that I don't actually mind this, or the fact that I can more or less recite along with the original movie, line-for-line.  I love the movies, and I love the characters, so I decided to illustrate one of them in my own (larger-eyed) style:

And you know what?  I'm not going to say a single critical thing about it, because when I showed it to The Little Gentleman (he's way outgrown "Neeps" at this point), he reached out in wonder to touch it, and exclaimed, "Princess Poppy!" so I know I nailed it.  Plus it was super fun to do her hair, and the color-gradient of her dress.  Maybe I'll do Branch tomorrow.  We'll see.



I give this one a resounding meh.  By which I mean, I need to revisit Snakes, because they are worthy of so much more... it started out somewhat promising and then just... muddied its way into meh.
Meh, I say.
Part of it is that I need more time to work, maybe add in some hatching... but there is no time, because bed.  Onward, ever onward!



My mom got me my very own copy of Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, so of course I've been up to my eyeballs revisiting Aesir and Vanir antics, which of course means that sooner or later, something like this was bound to happen:
Good for what Ails ya'.
That's Idunn, in case the title of the blog didn't give it away.  And speaking of giving things away, that's a golden apple guaranteed to restore your youth!  Quick, get a bite before Loki screws things up again...



Painting this little portrait of my DnD character, Severan, was a bit of a bear, and by bear I mean Emotional Roller Coaster (the quote of the day, as inspired by my first wash of red, was "Everything is Failure and Death.")  In the end, however, I'm not displeased with it, and I've learned the potential healing power of multiple washes.  That being said, I do plan on spending some time learning how to more believably render scar-tissue, be it on scarlet flesh or otherwise...
Hair tied back, to better show the scar, of course
Not bad, not bad.

(and in case my tiefling paladin's sobriquet "Starface" sounds vaguely familiar to my regular readers, here's why.)