Holding Pattern

NaNo kicked off today, and believe it or not, I've decided to throw my literary hat into the ring once more.  No, I don't expect to "win"- but not even trying would have been too depressing for words, given all the other bits of "me" I've had to put on hold the past nine months.  And since I'm dusting off the keyboard to do pants my way through at least part of a novel, I thought hey!  Why not try to re-kick-start the whole blogging thing while you're at it?  Since, you know, it's been three months since my last entry.  I mean, I know I didn't want my blog to devolve into nothing but, "Blah blah, breeding blah," but it seems like not blogging at all is probably worse.

So.  Yeah.  I'm gonna talk more about gestating a human.  But look on the bright side- that part will be over soon (please dear Stars) and then I'll have funny-human-larva stories!  Right?  Right??


I really had no concept of how much of pregnancy is just... waiting around for things.  Things like milestones, doctor's appointments, test results... and, you know, labor.  I'm down to the final week-and-a-half before my due dates hits, and all this waiting?  Is driving me insane.

(Let's not even mention the fact that I could theoretically go as many as two weeks past my due date.  I might just scream.)

I am not a passive person.  I am an active person.  Some might say I am an aggressive person.  So not being able to do anything to make this happen is just excruciating.  Good for my character, I'm sure, but obnoxious nonetheless.  This is definitely one of those "May I please rip the band-aid off now?" scenarios.  The long peel is not for me!