Tiny Fields of Green and White

Went climbing outdoors today (finger feeling much better), and was charmed by a field of tiny white flowers at the base of the cliff.
Teeny Tiny


All I Want

Not an exaggeration.



Had a bit of a mishap at the gym tonight:
It's not so bad, but it is awfully aggravating.


What Was Old is New Again

Writing letters to far-off friends... others have made the observation, but I'll make it again: I'm now more excited about getting hand-written letters than I used to be about getting emails back in the early nineties.
A flourish is always in order.
I like to think it's a pretty common feeling.


The Secrets We Keep

It's been a really lovely day, and this photo really has nothing to do with it- but I really liked the implied narrative.

where do you wear your mask?

So many good parts about today... ripe strawberries in bed from my husband, an hour-long phone call from a dear friend who is far away, two hours of climbing with an inspirational woman... tonight I shall sleep deeply, and well.


Hints and Allegations

this flower is going to kick such ass


Turn, Turn, Turn

As I rode up to the house this evening I caught a glimpse of Nathan through the window, playing his guitar.  Sights like this- him doing something he loves- always make me deliriously happy.
the season for music

It's been happening more frequently since he got his fancy new electric guitar.  This is a goodness.


If They Shine Like Stars

what wish do we wish tonight?


I Have Tasted the Rainbow

...and it was delicious.

Happy Easter!  We spent it in the company of good friends and good food.  Huzzay!



This is my 1000th published post.  Crazy pants!

Know what else is crazy pants?  Genetics.


Little But Fierce

tiny cat does not have time for your photography bs
It was a really, really good night.  Got back on the wall after a week of being physically kind of worthless, and I'm feeling much better about life in general.  Krumpet, on the other hand, just wants me to go to bed so she can take her rightful place in my knee-crook.



We have family in town once more, and it's so lovely.
...can you tell we're an outdoorsy family?


That's for Remembrance

I do so love things that are both beautiful AND useful.


Prelude to a Blood Moon

(I did not get to see the actual blood moon, as I was miserably unwell and went to bed shortly after taking this photo.)


Where Did It Go?

More family time today: one half of us headed up to Olympia to spend time with the other half.  It was a glorious day.
not what he is used to



My mom and I went out for to lunch today, and as we were walking down Main Street we came across this bit of whimsy:
(obviously this tree is a Gryffindor)


Take a Chance

So my mom is in town, which is pretty awesome.  As such, we got together with her and my uncle and aunt this evening for dinner and dice.

It was my first time playing dice, and at first I was pretty reluctant about it.  You see, I am a terrible gambler.  My motto is, "Why would you endanger the money?"  Not that we were playing for money, of course- but the whole risk-aversion thing carries over.

Anyway, after a few rounds I warmed up to it (aided by the fact that there was no actual money to endanger, I'm certain) and in the end it was a near thing between my husband and myself.  He won, but in reality that's actually a win for me, as it ensures that he'll be willing to play again in the future...


Monstrous Desires

does the guardian make the treasure, or does the treasure make the guardian?


Opening the Heart Chakra

It was springtime bordering on summer today.  So lovely.
pink and green are the colors of the heart

In completely non-related news, I tried my hand at a 5.11+ at the gym, and I finished it.  I had approximately one billion takes, and two solid falls, but I did, eventually, make it to the top.  I'm feeling a deep sense of satisfaction over this, especially as there was nothing above my pay-grade in a technical sense: what I was lacking was the combination of power and stamina.  Actually no, that's not even correct- I wasn't lacking the power- I had the power. I even surprised myself with how much strength I had in my fingers on one particular move.  It was the stamina that needs work.

And work on it I shall.



It's been a lovely weekend.  Nathan and I both took Friday off, so that we could turn our anniversary weekend into a full on three day weekend.  Usually we plan these sorts of things out, but this time around we were very seat-of-our pants.  I mean, I booked the hotel and that was it.  As such, we had a very leisurely Friday morning, followed by a (inadvertently comic) hunt for a spectacular waterfall called Panther Creek Falls.

That's just PART of it in the background!
 It was gorgeous.  Next time we go we'll bring some rappelling gear so we can get down to the base... (and I guess leave Isis at home because I'm not quite sure how to teach a dog to use a belay device...)

We did another tiny hike on Saturday (our actual anniversary- five years is wood so appropriate!), in the rain, along Starvation Creek, then spent the rest of the day wandering around Hood River proper, charming people with our silky-soft pig (apparently rain-showers do wonder for her fur).  I'm not even kidding: people in Hood River love our dog.  Everyone wanted to pet her, and she kept being invited into stores.  We had dinner at Solstice Cafe (so amazing.  If you get the chance you absolutely should go), where we were allowed to have her sit at the (outside) table with us, and when she got pitiful and I let her curl up in my lap it just absolutely charmed all the people who passed by.
Hood River, people: wonderful place.

Today we got up and soaked in the hot tub for a while (I did "laps" because why not?), then checked out and headed into town to try out Bette's, which the front desk clerk had recommended to us for breakfast.  Well, they must be super good, because the line was out the door and we were all, "Nope," and instead ducked across the street to Nora's Table, which was downright serendipitous.  The food was incredible, so I'm not sure why it wasn't equally crowded, but I'm damn glad it wasn't!

On the way home we did another little hike, up to Emerald Falls:
the falls in question (and photo-of-the-day)
and then drove back home.  Nathan even let me nap on the way, because he is the best husband ever.

Yay anniversary weekend!


Rise Up

near Starvation Creek



My Feet on the Petal Strewn Path

cherry boots for cherry blossoms