It's been a lovely weekend.  Nathan and I both took Friday off, so that we could turn our anniversary weekend into a full on three day weekend.  Usually we plan these sorts of things out, but this time around we were very seat-of-our pants.  I mean, I booked the hotel and that was it.  As such, we had a very leisurely Friday morning, followed by a (inadvertently comic) hunt for a spectacular waterfall called Panther Creek Falls.

That's just PART of it in the background!
 It was gorgeous.  Next time we go we'll bring some rappelling gear so we can get down to the base... (and I guess leave Isis at home because I'm not quite sure how to teach a dog to use a belay device...)

We did another tiny hike on Saturday (our actual anniversary- five years is wood so appropriate!), in the rain, along Starvation Creek, then spent the rest of the day wandering around Hood River proper, charming people with our silky-soft pig (apparently rain-showers do wonder for her fur).  I'm not even kidding: people in Hood River love our dog.  Everyone wanted to pet her, and she kept being invited into stores.  We had dinner at Solstice Cafe (so amazing.  If you get the chance you absolutely should go), where we were allowed to have her sit at the (outside) table with us, and when she got pitiful and I let her curl up in my lap it just absolutely charmed all the people who passed by.
Hood River, people: wonderful place.

Today we got up and soaked in the hot tub for a while (I did "laps" because why not?), then checked out and headed into town to try out Bette's, which the front desk clerk had recommended to us for breakfast.  Well, they must be super good, because the line was out the door and we were all, "Nope," and instead ducked across the street to Nora's Table, which was downright serendipitous.  The food was incredible, so I'm not sure why it wasn't equally crowded, but I'm damn glad it wasn't!

On the way home we did another little hike, up to Emerald Falls:
the falls in question (and photo-of-the-day)
and then drove back home.  Nathan even let me nap on the way, because he is the best husband ever.

Yay anniversary weekend!

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