103 Words (Of Little Interest to Others)

The other night Nathan and I were talking about how many words the Little Gentleman now has in his (rapidly expanding) vocabulary, and we thought it might be neat to write them all down to get a rough count.  And so here I go, indulging in a supremely self-indulgent entry (I promise to make up for it with something made up in the near future...)

daddy mama oma opa papa asha hello bye no yes help up down off on in out hug more food apple banana cracker cheese hot cold water bath potty poop pee diaper coat shoe sock boot hat shirt bed chair ball block book phone bike car truck red orange yellow blue black pink brown white one two baby cat dog duck bear raff(giraffe) pig sheep cow goat horse owl fox frog toad mouse fufu* fly(butterfly) bird crow tree flower rock dirt outside inside door wall walk run ready go nap shh ow eye nose mouth ear hair button foot hand butt leg elbow

He can also do the plural of most of those words, as well as various sound effects ("Beep beep!" "Rawr!") that I'm not counting.

Not bad, baby O.  Not bad at all.  More than I was thinking when I sat down to start writing it all out.  And it's funny how the more I wrote, the more other words popped into my mind: "Oh yeah, he says ___ all the time now..." and then I asked Nathan to look it over and he immediately added like fifteen more to the list.

Of course, you'll notice that "please" isn't on there.  For some reason the boy insists on signing "please", even tho' he has stopped using any trace of signing, otherwise.  Not sure why that should be the case, or whether we should make a more concentrated effort to get him to verbalize instead of doing his hilarious chicken-wing-version of "please".  Eh.  I'm sure it's fine.  Especially since "thank you" is also missing... and, uh, that's entirely on us.  We say it all the time to him, but haven't put an emphasis on him saying it... whoops...  Oh well!  Therapy forever, I guess...

*fufu = bunny.  He actually did say "bunny" for a while, and then one day decided "fufu" was better, and while I made a half-hearted attempt to correct him in the beginning, eventually I let it go because it's so damn cute.