Old Friends and New Traditions

Sometimes you love someone so much that time and space don't matter.  Sometimes you love someone so much that it transcends "types" of love, and all you want is for them to find their Happily Ever After, and you'd give just about anything to somehow wave a wand and make it happen.  And sometimes the Universe grants your wish in a thoroughly unexpected, but nonetheless delightful way.

(Well, the Universe and the Internet.)

All that to say, I got to see a very old, very dear friend today, whom I had not seen in over a decade.  And I saw him in the company of another, newer (but also quite dear) friend, because I am the Kevin Bacon to the movies of their lives, and sometimes life is a fairy tale, and I'm delighted to be the unwitting fairy godmother.

Fittingly, we took our reunion to a Pumpkin Patch, because where else do you kick it when you have a surplus of magic?
Some people want more legroom in their carriages, I guess.
Nathan and I had actually gone last year with Kayla, when my belly made it hard to actually see (let alone pick up) gourds.  So now we've done it two years in a row, and I'm calling it Officially Tradition now.

Speaking of tradition, I also indulged in my Annual Caramel Apple, painful joint consequences be damned.
Future Jenny O is going to HAAATE ME.

My feet gained like two pounds each, trudging through the patch.

And SOMEONE managed to lose a sock...

...AND THEN he muddied his remaining sock.  I have no idea how he managed it: he was on my back the whole time.

Fox magic, probably.

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