Puzzling It Out

I'm standing in a toy aisle at Fred Meyer, staring down a wall of colorful images, and realizing just how naive I'd been when I thought to myself, "Oh I'll just duck in and grab a puzzle real quick!"

You see, although I have known my husband for over two decades, and although we have been romantically intertwined for nearly nine years, I only just this past week discovered that he, too, loves to do puzzles.  (I like that there are still things to be discovered.)


As you might imagine, the fact that we're nearing a decade of marriage, a marriage in which we spend considerably more time together than apart, and yet never realized that the other one loves puzzles, means that neither of us has done a puzzle in all that time.

Which is why I now find myself feeling perhaps a little more pressure than the situation strictly calls for.  Because I want to not just surprise, but delight my husband with a puzzle for our weekend-away, which means I need to pick just the right puzzle.

Except there are a lot more puzzles than I was expecting, and I'm now suffering a bit of Analysis Paralysis.  Obviously I don't want to get anything too easy- we have a whole weekend ahead of us!  But what if I get one that's too complex?  And obviously it has to be a cool image, or at least an appropriately ironically-lame one, to minimize the amount of teasing I will suffer.

In the end I opt for a family of wolves in a frozen landscape, because we will be a family hanging out at a cold beach.  It's practically the same thing, right?  Right.

I glance at my phone- I've spent close to half an hour agonizing over this non-decision.  Ah, the lengths we go to for love.

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