Only In Dreams

More Story Seeds from Dreams:

I get a big, glossy, double-sided flyer/poster in the mail, advertising an escort service. The male on the back is an old friend, and it's his ex-wife (whom I've only ever met once in passing, in real life) who is running the business. I go to check it out, because I'm worried about my friend- he and she have a son together, but beyond that don't seem to get along well enough to be entering into a business together- especially not one that's her making money off of him. I discover that the service offers more than just sex for hire- there's also drugs and (for some reason) a girl who can See Things when pain is inflicted on her (which is a direct pull from a different story I have). She has two "handlers"- one to push harder ("She can take more!") and one to protect her ("Too much!").  Between the two of them they keep her on the edge of Seeing as much as possible without being too damaged to See more.  I witness her being put into a car against her will, without her handlers- and when I try to find out what's going on, the Push one is really worried- says she's already been pushed too hard for this client. I'm trying to find my old friend to help me get her back, but he's gone missing, too, so I call in a different old friend, who is weirdly fascinated/horrified by the whole thing- but I know he'll help me rescue her, because that's sort of what he does: rescue people. We're sitting in a trough-shaped hot tub set up on a couple of ladders, discussing our strategy, when two-year-old Beetle pops her head up over the edge, looking for her Dad. So now I have to keep her safe while I go on a rescue mission for at least one psychic escort, and possibly my first old friend, as well.

(My dreams are so weird.  And strangely non-sexual for such a sexual setting.)

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