Won Fish, Woo Fish

I went to a luau-themed work party today, and someone had issued the challenge for us to dress according to theme.  And then they said there would be a prize for the best costume.

Those fools.

Now, my costume-bin is overflowing with components, but one thing I don't have is a grass skirt (although I do have a coconut bra- don't ask).  Sure, I could have picked one up for cheap, but I decided it would be more of a challenge to work with what I had.

And what did I have?  A mother-flipping mermaid tail, that's what.  And mermaids are tropical as frick.  (Except when they aren't, obviously.)

Now, when I originally wore my mermaid tail, I paired it with a purple sports-bra upon which I'd hot-glued some seashells.  But since this was a (white-collar) company party, I elected not to show off my midriff, and instead dug around in my drawers until I found a tanktop that would work.  And then I draped myself in shells, stole a stuffed fish from my son, and rocked out with my fins out.

Plus my favorite party shoes, obviously.
 I definitely won, by the way.  And to tell you the truth it's not the prize that I care about so much (an admittedly lovely floral centerpiece) as it is the winning in and of itself.
I mean I've already got the best prize right here, right?

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  1. I'm pretty sure the sandals didn't hurt.
    Anonymous Mom
    PS I think I might change to signing these: "I am not a robot."