Here's to the One That Stayed

I've had a bit of a strange relationship with Mother's Day for the past few years.  Three years ago I was dealing with things that kept me pretty distracted.  Two years ago I was pregnant for the second time, and a select few people were wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, although I really wished they wouldn't.  Last year I was pregnant yet again, and happily hidden away in Scotland where no one wished me a Happy Day.  This year, however, I have the External Version of a baby, and I've received all well-wishes (and breakfast-in-bed) with joy and peace in my heart.

My husband (who, as you know, Wins at gift-giving) knocked it out of the park yet again, by getting me a star jasmine, which will bloom every year around this time, thus reminding me of my first True Mother's Day.  Nathan was inspired by the rose bush some friends gave us after the first miscarriage- he said he thought we ought to have some flowers celebrating the Child Who Lived, as well as those that honor the ones who didn't.

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