My Father's Face

So remember how earlier this week I was all, "Blah blah blah when did my brother become my peer blah?"  Well I had a moment today blew that away in terms of freak-outs.

I was going through some old photos with my friend Kayla (I was trying to find a "baby photo" of Kink to show how small he was when I adopted him), and we came across one of my favorites of my dad:
See, the hat is funny because we were living in Alaska at the time.  Holy shit was my dad a proto-hipster?
I was getting all nostalgic and happy, saying, "Oh, he must have been about-" and I flipped it over to check the date, and made a sort of strangled noise, "Thirty two?!"

As in, three years younger than I currently am.  And he had a five year old daughter and six month old son and I look at this photo and see "Daddy, who of course is older than me" but actually he is a dude who is pretty much my age right now.

What the actual fuck.

Time gets extra weird when you involve dead people who can't age.

(side note: I pulled the photo of my brother back up and held them side by side.  Yep, definitely his kid.)

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