The scene:

A professional woman in her mid-thirties has just put in her order at the pizza counter of an upscale grocery market.

Cashier: You can pay for that now, or if you want to do some shopping you can pay when you pick up!

Woman: That's okay, I don't want anything else, thanks!

The woman pays, then wanders about the store a bit.  She comes to a display of sodas in glass bottles and decides, on a whim, to pick up two to go with dinner.  She returns to the counter and sets them down with a rueful grin.

Woman:  Guess I was wrong about that whole not wanting anything else thing!

Cashier: (laughs) That's not a problem!

The cashier rings her up, and the woman pays.

Cashier: Do you need a bag?

Woman: (reaching into her purse) No, that's okay, I have one!

The woman unfurls a black fabric bag, printed all over with white moose.  As she reaches for the sodas, she accidentally knocks one, and it tips over onto the counter-


The woman and the cashier stare at one another, dumbly, blood-orange flavored soda water dripping from the counter and their faces.

Woman: (eyes huge) ...I...I...I am so sorry!


I don't know who was the most traumatized- me, her, or the little boy standing two people back from me.  (He kept saying to his dad, "That was so scary!"  His dad, on the other hand, kept his head and went and fetched me a new soda.)  Fortunately no one was really hurt- the cashier had a little cut on her forehead, and I had to pick glass particles off of me, but honestly it's a little shocking how little damage it did.

Well, except to my ego.


  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha! ::cough:: Uh, Oh my! Glad everyone is ok. <3
    I'm not a robot. ;-)

    1. Yeah me too- I was especially glad that I'd decided to pick up pizza, THEN Neeps. =/