Party People

Today was a highly social day for us, all things considered.

In the morning Neeps and I went down to Portland to get breakfast with some old friends, during which time we caught up on one another's lives, talked about our challenges as writers (and humans) in our mid-thirties, and provided insight, advice, and encouragement all around.  I came away from that date full of love and appreciation for the amazing people I've somehow gathered along the way.  Which is an excellent frame of mind to be in, I must say.

We (including Nathan) headed back across the river in the afternoon, for a Birthday Party where I couldn't help but feel Portland As Frick, what with my baby-wearing, cloth-diapering, baby-led-weaning ways.  Truly, I am a neo-hippie product of my time.

Lumberjack hat and cords?  Yeah that's a PNW baby FO SHO. (neat wrapping still a work in progress)
It was a fantastic party- just the right size to foster real connections and intimacy, in a great location with made-from-scratch Mexican food that was so good that all I wanted to do was eat it all night long.  Except there was also a freaking hammock in the kitchen, so that took up some of my attention, as well (and Nathan's!) which we were able to do because Neeps was more or less the star of the party, and got passed around to one and all.
Kitchen Hammock is brilliant.  BRILLIANT.

Nathan also knows how to Party.  In a hammock.  Like a friggin' CHAMPION.
(Makes me think we should be going to more parties where he is the only baby... give me a chance to get my Shenanigans on.)
Shenanigans.  (I think that camera's been drinking...)

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