Eras and Their Endings (and Beginnings)

My mom sent me a photo today, of her and my brother, and it kind of freaked me out.

Not because there was anything particularly strange or upsetting about the photo (beyond my rampant jealously that they got to hang out and I didn't).  No, it was simply that, when the photo popped up on my phone and I looked at it, I suddenly saw my brother for what he is-

My peer.

My brother is five years younger than I am: a considerable age gap when you're kids, and even on into your twenties.  I've always thought of him as Younger-with-a-capital-Y, and when I pictured him it was as my Kid Brother.  But somehow, over the past year or so, as I've moved into my mid-thirties, and he's left his twenties behind, somehow he crossed that magical threshold where he's more or less My Age, a fellow Adult (even tho' to be brutally honest he's been Adulting for at least eight years, which I'm not sure I can actually claim, myself...)

It's just weird when you have a certain mental image of a person, and then you really look at them and realized you're operating on an outdated model.

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