The Solids Are Coming!

We are rapidly approaching Neeps's six-month mark, and we all know what that means!

No?  We don't?  Okay, well, some of us know what that means.  And for those who don't, I'll spell it out, because I'm nice like that:

Six months is the Currently-Considered-Correct* time that it is considered a-okay to start a baby on non-breast-milk (or formula, if that's been your thing).  Used to be four months, I guess?  But now it's six.  I say "non-breast-milk" rather than "solids", because most people tend to go the rice cereal/veggie puree route, and neither of those are really solid in my book.  I mean, glass is firmer than that stuff, and glass is totally a liquid, soooo...

But!  We have been talking about it, and we have decided that we're going to skip the cereals and purees, and go straight to actual (extremely soft) solids.  Should be interesting.  And extremely messy.  But I look forward to being able to share my food with Neeps, rather than having to make special food-processed meals.  Adventure!

All that being said, part of me just wants to keep feeding him nothing but breast milk until he's potty-trained.  Because I am not looking forward to gross(er) poops.  Oh well I won't screw up his nutritional intake just for my own olfactory convenience I guess.

*(CCC for short.  It needs an acronym because for real the "correct" way to do anything child-rearing-related changes [often literally] from one year to the next**.)

**(Never mind between when your mom*** was keeping your helpless larva form alive and now.)

***(Or her mother was keeping her alive, for that matter.)

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