Tastes Like (One of My Former) Home(s)

Yesterday was utter rubbish.  I'm super glad I'm past the worst of the illness, but I'm still feeling more or less like a wrung-out rag.  I probably pushed a little too hard today, even tho' all we did was go down to REI to try out hiking packs to carry Neeps in (turns out my torso is so ridiculously short that only one of the three models could be made small enough to fit me, and that one was not actually comfortable for me to wear.  The search continues.) and then head a little further afield to get some delicious Chick-Fil-A.

I say "further afield" but that's almost ludicrous when you realize that, until today, we would have had to go all the way down to freaking California to get any.  And now we just have to drive like 45 minutes!  And soon we'll only have to drive like 20, because it's coming to our very own town!  Whee!  But it's good that it will be on the other side of town, because otherwise I would be eating it entirely too often, and since eating it requires me to take one of my Special Gluten Pills, I really should keep it a treat rather than a staple.

Still.  It's nice that it will be a more frequent treat than once-every-few-years-when-we're-in-Alabama.

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