Good Job, Girl

I got cat-called, today.

I know I got cat-called not so much because I heard exactly what was said, but because I heard the tone, and I definitely know it ended with the word, "girl".  Lack of clarity, ladies and gentlemen; just one more peril of leaning out a car window to yell at someone on a bike...

At any rate, my brain turned it into "Good job, girl!", even tho' I knew that probably wasn't it, given the aforementioned tone.  And as I was grumbling to myself about lame-ass catcalls, and how people should have some standards, I suddenly thought,

"But what if it was, 'Good job, girl!'?"

And then I said out loud, with Ryan Gosling hovering beatifically in my brain,

"Good job, girl!  I know things are hard right now, girl- you're stressed out and pressed for time, and don't get enough sleep, but here you are, making the bike commute like a boss, being healthy and awesome.  So good job, girl!  Keep it up!"

And damned if that didn't encourage me to dig in a little deeper, and get up that long-ass hill a little faster.

So thanks, random Scrub.  Thanks for bringing out my inner RG.

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  1. You go, mami! ;-)
    <3 Anonymous Mom