Another Day, Another Letter

Have the main character in your novel (or short story) write a letter to you. What would they say? Have them write whatever you want.

"Dear Jenny O,

What the actual hell.  I have been in your brain for what, twenty years now?  And you started the most recent iteration of my story almost a year and a half ago.  Sure, I don't expect you to have finished the entire multi-arced thing by now, but you should at least have a rough draft of the first book!

Maybe you should just scrap what you've got, and start over.  Just rewrite everything, but without looking at your notes.  Then maybe you wouldn't feel so paralyzed about 'making it all work'.  And once you have that rough draft, you can compare it to the unfinished one, and bring in any elements you've forgotten about.

Just... let's not take another twenty years, okay?  I want to know how my story unfolds.

With affection and annoyance and anticipation,


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  1. Oh. Oh, I know this. I feel this one deeply. Urrrrrgggggggg.

    Yes. That is all.