We All Fall Down

I was inspired by the Horrible Plague currently making its way through my friends and family (and me) to play with and old nursery rhyme, and this is what I came up with:

fallen rose petals
strewn in a bloody circle
we fill our pockets

ash drifting like snow
warming bodies through the night
none of us will rise

Of course, as I was reading more about Ring Around the Rosies, I discovered that what I "knew" (that it was a sort of garbled description of the Plague) is not necessarily accurate, and in fact wasn't even a theory until halfway through the 1900s.  As such, I felt compelled to write another version, one which hearkens back to other, older understandings of the rhyme:

sweet beneath the blooms
our elder will protect us
ring within a ring

six hands joined as one
silent as death in a cup
they will not find us

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