Turns Out It's Take-Your-Child-to-Work Day

...which is awesome, because Neeps's nanny was knock-down-drag-out levels of sick today, and since The Captain is out of town and I didn't have any appointments scheduled, I went ahead and brought The Little Gentleman in with me to the office.  I was feeling a teensy bit guilty about it the unprofessionalism of it all, but then I learned that the Universal Committee for Making Every Day a "Thing" had my back, and I embraced it as something totally planned and on purpose and kicked that guilt to the curb.

Going over some reports.  On Elephants, apparently.
Really it only worked because a) he's such an easy-temperament baby b) he's not mobile yet and c) I was able to work on stuff that was easily-interrupted, like non-sensitive admin maintenance and Continuing Education courses.  I did have a few client calls that required more/all of my focus, but thanks to the aforementioned a) & b), it was all okay.  I have so much respect for those parents who work from home and watch their kids, because I would not excel at that in the slightest.
Puzzling out some data.

 All in all it was a pretty good day, right up until my Katie came by with Rabbit for an unexpected late-afternoon visit, and then it became an awesome day.

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