Falling Silver

We've wanted to hike at Silver Falls State Park for a number of years, now- Nathan even attempted it one day when I was otherwise occupied, only he made the mistake of bringing Isis along, and as it turns out, dogs aren't allowed on the trail (not that this seems to stop people- but we're actually responsible dog owners).  Anyway, we decided that for our April Family Hike, the time had at last come to make our dream a reality!  (and Princess Pig got to spend the day on the couch: win-win)
South Falls started our loop off right!

And from the other side!

Basically there were a LOT of waterfalls, you guys.

Double Falls
 At about 4.5 miles into our hike, Malachi decided he needed a snack (and so did we), so I obliged.  After all, I'd already learned that nothing beats nursing in the forest-
...unless it's nursing in a forest with a freaking WATER FALL TO GAZE AT.
We had planned to do five miles, yet somehow ended up doing a little over eight- but that's okay, because it gives me a nice fat cushion for this month's Hike It Baby 30 challenge!

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