Welcome to the New Year

What's that you say?  It's an even-numbered year?  Well we all know what that means- time for a new 365(/6) project!

Over the past three projects I've done writing, art, and i-photography.  This year, in an attempt to work with the fact that I'm adjusting to a very new way of life, I'm keeping it broad- a post for every day of the year, be it words, images, or some combination thereof.  "Combination Thereof" is what you're getting today, since I'm hearkening back to the "moments" aspect of 2014:
It's especially nice when I get around to making my Year Album, because for some reason these little out-of-context images are very powerful in terms of bringing me back to the moment I captured them in.  In this instance it was our first hike of the year- 2.2 miles to start things off on the right foot.
It was beautiful mix of frost and green.

Frosty Family!

Glowing Green!  (Same hike, honest!)

I made several Resolutions for the year, but the first and easiest to make is that I want to do at least one Family Hike per month.  To further this goal I signed up for the January Hike it Baby 30, with the goal of doing either 30 miles in 30 days, or else 30 minutes three times a week.  I'm pretty excited about it, so expect to see at least one hiking entry a month on here.  But now?  Now there's some ice cream with brandied pears calling my name!

Happy New Year, ya'll.  I hope it's more than you dare to dream it might be.

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