The Patience Well

I did not realize that I was a patient person until I stopped being one.

Well, that's not strictly accurate.  I haven't stopped being patient, it's just that the majority of my patience is now reserved for my helpless infant, with very little left for the others in my life, no matter how much I might love them.  People, animals... they come to me expecting to be able to drink deep, as they always have, from a well that has been almost completely drained.

It dawned on me recently what was happening, and it upset me.  I don't want to be short and snappish, impatient and exasperated.  I don't like that version of myself, and I certainly don't want to model it to my offspring as acceptable behavior.

So it's time to start digging, soul-digging: to make my well wider, and deeper, so I can hold enough patience for all of us- including myself.

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