Valuable Parenting Advice

You get a lot of advice when you have a kid, much of it the sort that you just sort of grit your teeth through, but some of which is truly valuable.  And lot of the more valuable advice you actually hear from more than one source, to the point where you probably already knew it before you end up spawning, anyway.

But there is one tidbit that I'd never, ever heard, but has proven to be so damn valuable that I'm going to share it here with you, in the hopes that it will become every bit a part of Modern Culture as swaddling (which, by the way, Neeps is Not Down With):

"You're going to want to grow a coke nail."

That is (more or less) the exact phrase my mother said to me sometime in that delirious first week, when I came face-to-nostril with the reality of stubbornly-sticky baby boogers.

Now, I'm not 100% positive she wasn't just messing with me (it means love in our family), but holy shit, you guys- that is some legit advice.  Ever since then I've tried to keep my pinkie nails a bit longer, and it's useful as hell.  The one time I got a little over-enthusiastic in trimming them back (I generally keep my nails pretty damn short for climbing) I immediately regretted it.

So there you go, impending mothers, my hidden gem advice to you:

Grow yourself a coke nail.

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