Room for Improvement

I moved Neeps's bed into "his room" today.  (Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be putting quotations around that?)  It made my heart hurt a little to do it, but damn it, it's time.  Most nights he only wakes twice, and that second time is less because he's actually hungry and more because he wants to make noise and see what it gets him.  And right now what it gets him is slapped on the boob for the two minutes it takes him to fall back asleep, because I'm awake anyway and damn it I don't want to be (if I don't give him the boob he keeps being raucous for a good 15-20 minutes.  So far I haven't lasted longer than that in my desperation to reclaim sweet slumber for myself).

So. Here's hoping that having him all the way across the hallway will make it a little bit easier to ignore that second "Hey!  Who's up?" waking.

Or maybe I'll just lay awake all night because I can't hear him shifting and grunting in his sleep.  We'll see!  Parenting (my version of it, anyway) is all about making plans and then being okay with reality in no way whatsoever resembling them.  For instance!  Here is the Theoretical Schedule for today:

0700 wake/feed
0900 nap
1000 wake/feed
1230 nap
1400 wake/feed
1630 nap
1800 wake/feed
2030 start bedtime routine
2100 bed

Look at how nice and neat that is!  Just lovely.  And it's based on his previously demonstrated habits, too!  What a clever parent I am.

Except, here's how today's schedule has actually looked:

0715 wake/feed (awesome!  Doing great!)
0900 nap (like friggin' clockwork, baby!)
0930 wake (wait, what?  No!)
0957 feed (because I was trying to get him to wait until 1000, because I still had delusions of Schedule at this point)
1134 feed (okay, I guess?  I mean, we're not scheduled to nap for another hour, so may as well...)
1145 nap (damn it.  Okay, fine.  I'll work on rearranging furniture.)
1220 wake (double damn it.  Hold on, furniture.)
1310 nap (but only because I've strapped him on and taken him for a walk.)
1330 wake (yep, you guessed it: done with the walk)
1345 feed (it's been two hours, and that seems to be the theme for today)
1505 nap (woo, Nathan's home!  He can help me rearrange-)
1535 wake (damn it all to hell!)
1550 fed (oh yeah, two hours.  Stupid growth spurts.)
1630 nap (...are we... back on schedule?  Holy shit.  Holy shit, you guys.  Holy shit.)

It's 1730 now, and I glanced over at him just in time to see him do the sweetest little sleep-smile, which of course I reflexively returned.  Adorable little bastard.  We'll try again tomorrow.

(stay tuned for the sure-to-be-thrilling account of how our first separate night goes.  Five bucks says I end up sleeping in the chair next to him...) (see, it's a good bet because if I lose, I win!)

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