Four for a Boy

I'm working on a couple of longer blog entries (both of which also have to do with Very Strong Feelings) but I thought I'd take a break from all that intensity to share some more of what I've been doing on the visual-arts front:
Really it's amazing how much art and writing can be squeezed in when you're not at an office 40 hours a week.
These little guys are part of a series I'm doing (hah!  Series!  Pretentious Art Major alert!) for Neeps's monthly portraits.  I may scan and post them properly once they're all done, which hopefully will be before I go back to work in March.  I'm trying not to have any illusions about "free time" once that happens, and I really would like to manage a coherent twelve-portrait-collection.

I've also been noodling around with a children's book idea, and I've been using these as a way to sort of play with a style that appeals to kids.  Big eyes and pretty colors- really you can't go wrong if you include those things, right?  I haven't gotten to the illustrative part of that project yet, but once I do (if I do?  ::sigh::) I'm sure I'll be sharing more process on here.

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