Immortal Mind

Nathan came up with a clever little story seed the other night; I'm letting it percolate itself an actual plot, but in the meantime, I started playing...


All in all, it is better not to attract the attention of gods.

Gods like to be entertained- they can have very different standards of entertainment than we do- and when they feel they have been entertained enough, they like to reward the mortal who provided it.

Of course, they also can have very different standards of “reward”.  Standards that are tied up in their desire for more entertainment.

Acacius had not meant to attract the attention of the gods, but when he did, and when the god in question refused to accept his demuring of reward, insisting that immortality would be an excellent reward, Acacius had the presence of mind to interject that he did rather hope eternal youth would be part of said reward.  The god chuckled knowingly, said, “Too clever by half!”, and disappeared in the same shrieking gust of wind he’d arrived in.

Acacius did not age beyond that moment, suspended forever at the somewhat advanced age of thirty-seven.  Of course, as the centuries passed, his relative agedness became less and less, until at last he was considered “young”- not even in the prime of life yet!

This might have amused Acacius, could he remember those early days.

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