Beyond Babysitting

You guys remember The Babysitter's Club books, right?  Sure you do.  Well for some reason or another, they came back on my radar earlier this week, and I may or may not have been spending an unhealthy amount of time reminiscing on them.  Up to an including considering the question, "Where would they be now?"*  It was a fun mental exercise, and I figured I'd share the results here.  Weigh in with your own opinions, because I'm sure I'm not the first to think about it...

*(Look, these girls were 13 for over a decade, so when I'm picturing them "now", I'm specifically picturing them at my age, which is mid-thirties.  And I'm only doing the four original members, because it's late and I need to get to bed!)

Kristy Thomas: Kristy went to school on a softball scholarship, and majored in business.  She worked at the campus gym for spending money, and after graduation started doing personal training while she tried to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life.  She got in early on the whole Crossfit craze, and eventually moved back to Stonybrook to open up a highly successful box.  In doing so she had one of her Great Ideas, and runs an amazing "Active After-School!" program for kids out of it.  She's super involved in her community, part of just about every committee you can imagine, and has been volunteering in local government for the past five years or so- she's willing tackle anything that doesn't require her to change out of her ever-present athletic wear.  She recently married a man every bit as athletic as she is (but a little more laid back), and they've been talking about adopting.

Claudia Kishi: after high school Claudia moved to Japan for a few years, to teach English and reconnect with her heritage. While there she got very involved in Harijuku street fashion, and learned how to sew. Once she returned to the states, she lived with Stacey in New York for a while, making ends meet working as a wardrobe stylist for an edgy teen drama.  She started blogging about her own outfits and street fashion in general (thank goodness for spell-check), and before long the blog became so ludicrously popular that she was able to quit her day job and focus full-time on blogging and her art.  She moved back to Japan a few years ago, where she lives with her long-time boyfriend and girlfriend, and acts as a mentor to several up-and-coming artists.

Mary Anne Spier: Despite her father's objections, Mary Anne followed her dream of moving to New York City after graduation, where she roomed with Stacey at University freshman year, intending to study Early Childhood Education.  Mary Anne blossomed in the college environment, finding her confidence and coming into her own as a young woman.  She got involved with theater, primarily backstage, but one of her most cherished memories is the time she actually did perform a small- but speaking!- role in a friend's senior production.  During her sophomore year she switched into the pre-med program, with an eye to becoming a pediatrician.  She met her future husband while in med school in Seattle; they married after graduation and he followed her to her residency, and eventually back to New York when she accepted a position in the city.  He is the stay-at-home parent to their two children, aged two and five.  She's pregnant with a third, which they plan on being their last.

Stacey McGill: Stacey returned to New York to double-major in communications and finance, with the intention of working in fashion journalism (the finance was just an easy backup plan).  As it turned out, she found herself far more interested in the finance classes, and began to turn her thoughts to a career on Wall Street.  That once again became the backup plan, however, when she was scouted her sophomore year, and dropped out to work as a model for about five years.  She returned to school, finished her degree, and went to work for a major investment firm.  Over the past ten years she has risen through the ranks and now makes more money than she knows what to do with.  She married in her late twenties, but they divorced quickly, since Stacey turned out to be just as much a work-a-holic as her dad.  She hasn't been able to bring herself to attempt to settle down since, but never lacks for companionship.  She takes frequent trips to Japan to visit Claudia, and acts as an aunt to Mary Anne's children.

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