So basically it's insane how quickly my son is growing.  I know it's cliched to be all, "Oh it goes by so fast!" but holy shit, talk about a cliche with some serious grounding in reality.  It's like the movie of my life hit the fast-forward button the second he slid from my body, and hasn't slowed down since.  I have the sneaking suspicion it's not going to slow down, either.  This may very well be my new normal time-sense.  Crazy pants.

In some ways, it's good- we've already moved past some of the less-pleasant aspects of his infancy (waking every two hours; pooping after every feeding; having to burp him, like, all the damn time) but on the other... it makes me feel quite panicky about going back to work and just... missing everything.

But I'll think about that "tomorrow", as it were.  No need to dwell now, since not-now is coming down the pipe so damn swiftly.

In less traumatic musings, here's a list of the consonants my genius child has now mastered:

muh (the first one, which I cannot help but take personally)
duh (showed up while Nathan was traveling, actually)
geh (switching up the vowel sounds like a boss)
nuh (brand new this week- does not bode well for the future)

Behold them and tremble at my budding word-smith's prowess.

This verbal versatility totally inspired me to recite the alphabet to him phonetically this morning, which he apparently found amusing as hell.  (I threw in some Spanish sounds for good measure, because of course I did.)

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