Thoughts in Passing

I had my first moment of, "Oh gods it's going by too fast!" today.

I was browsing the internet for photo references on one of my current projects, and I came across an image that made my heart squeeze- it was a picture of a woman with a sleeping newborn on her chest.  And I was suddenly overcome by the memory of Neeps's newborn weight on me, the perfect floppy surrender of his slumbering limbs- and I missed it.  He's all of three months old, and already I miss a stage in his life: nowadays whenever I try to get him to sleep on my chest, he's all sturdy thrashing about, taking up almost the entirety of my torso while he's at it.  He's solid, now, in a way he just wasn't, in the beginning. He is an infant, not a newborn.

Stars preserve me.
In totally unrelated news, Nathan has rolled his eyes several times when I announced that Neeps had violet eyes- but today I made him come in and actually look, and he was forced to agree with me that yes, our son appeared to have straight-up purple eyes in that moment (as opposed to this morning, when they appeared blue-green).  Which made me think about what a funny little bit it would be in a book, to have a boy have purple eyes when that's the sort of thing that magical girls are expected to have.

(And Liz Taylor, obviously.)

And then I said he has wizard eyes, because we gave him a wizard name.  This may or may not have caused additional eye-rolling.

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