Paper Hearts

It's almost time for my second-favorite holiday!  And you know what that means:
Hand-Made valentines for all ELEVEN of the niblings!

Time sort of got away from me this year, until I looked at a calendar last night and let out a squeak because holy stars Valentine's Day is this weekend!  And I hadn't even started my cards!  So today I buckled down and churned 'em out.  They're not as fancy as they've been in years past, since I was constantly being interrupted by the fellow who is cousin to those eleven niblings of mine, but I think they'll make people plenty happy as is.

Now, of course, I need to turn my attention to Nathan's valentine.  As of this moment, I'm more or less stumped.  But surely the panic will kick in soon enough, and I'll come up with something brilliant.  I generally do.

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