Oh Happy Day

Today was a great day.

First of all, Neeps slept for 6 hours for the second night in a row, and I'm starting to let myself think about hoping that maybe this is what he does now.  Fingers crossed.

Anyway that apparently put him in a good mood, because he was extra smiley and engaged all day today.  We went to the grocery store(s), and I wore him in the ergo for the first time.  I really loved wearing my nephew Eaglet in the ergo, but now that I've carried Neeps in the moby so often, I'm wondering if I don't prefer wrapping him, since you get such a custom fit.  This requires more experimentation...

After we got back I took him and Isis on a walk, and then left Neeps with Nathan while I rode my bike for the first time since the first trimester!  The weather was too gorgeous not to, and I felt so free, and so happy, and so light-of-heart as I pedaled my way to (drum roll, please) the climbing gym!  I met up with JT and he and I made good on our promise to one another last week, and actually put my new gym-rope to use by lead-climbing.  And let me tell you, thank goodness for muscle memory, because it's been about nine months since I last did that, too, but the body remembers once you get going.  ::does happy dance::  I also tackled an overhung 5.9, which thoroughly kicked my ass, but in the best way possible.  It's so amazing to be able to push my body again, to the point where I'm sweaty and trembling and grinning like a maniac.

And then?  Then I got to ride my bike back home!  Aaaaahhhhh!  I can't believe how much I've missed it!  I started trying to figure out how I can work a daily ride back in (and how old Neeps has to be before I can bring him along).

Once I got home I bundled said cutie up and hustled him over to Boozeday, where he managed to be both adorable and useful:
Because what is the point of that fluffly-cloth-diapered-butt if I can't balance a plate of veggie chips on it?

I hung out with my ladies for almost three solid hours, and It Was Good.  And now the boy is in bed and I'm writing (and sore) and feeling thoroughly satisfied with life.

Next up?  A shower!


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