Potential First Phrases

Family legend has it that I didn't have a first word- I had a first phrase.  As such, I've been wondering what Neeps's first phrase might someday be.  Given that children tend to repeat what they hear the most, I've compiled some contenders from my own repertoire:

General Phrases:

-I love you!
-My BAY-bee!
-You're so cute!
-Nom nom nom!
-Soakin' wet! 

Around the House:

-Mommy will be right with you.
-Let's go see daddy!
-Do you want your pacifighter?
-No, bad kitty!
-Damn it, dog!

In the Car:

-Almost there!
-Watch it, asshole!
-Fucking commit!

 ...maybe I should get him some earplugs for the car...

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