Eating, Drinking, and Merrying Our Hearts Out

It's Valentine's Day Eve!  And since we're going to be traveling tomorrow, Nathan and I decided to get some of our Celebration on today.

This morning I made us gluten-free chai pancakes, topped with real butter and drizzled with honey.  (for the epi-curious amongst the readership, I just used Trader Joe's GF pancake mix and substituted cold roibos chai when it called for water like a boss.)

That was pretty good, but Nathan really outdid himself by throwing together some frigging beef wellington (and herbed potatoes) for dinner.  Amazeballs (and I almost wept for love of flaky-flaky pastry.  Thank you, gluten-pills.)  We paired it with some of our favorite wine that we've been saving for a special occasion, because we are not fancy people who pair proper wines, but awesome people who drink what we want, when we want.
2012 Muscat Frizzante from Tualitin Estate IN THE HIZZOUSE
What with juggling babies and such, I only just now finished his card- and he's still working on mine, with the intention of finishing after I've gone to bed.  So we'll be extending the festivities somewhat by exchanging those tomorrow.  Whee!

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