They See Me Rolling

Neeps slept eight consecutive hours last night.  Six and a half the night before that, and six the night before that.  It's awesome.

I, however, did not sleep anywhere near that many consecutive hours.  Not for lack of trying (by going to bed hella early); no, I just keep jerking awake.  Apparently that's common once your kid starts sleeping for longer stretches.  So I guess the question isn't, "When will he be able to sleep through the night?" but rather, "When will I be able to sleep through the night?"


As previously mentioned, I cut alcohol and sweets out of my diet this month (mostly) in an attempt to reset my body, and reset my concept of "treats" (ie something we have only once in a while, rather than every damn day, I'm glaring at you, incorrigible Costco bag of chocolate chips).  It's working pretty well so far: my body is feeling a hell of a lot better, that's for sure.  But.  But.  I definitely want me some cookies, cakes, doughnuts, brownies whatever.  Every time the craving hits badly enough to make me cranky, I just make myself some honey-sweetened roibos chai.

I've been drinking a lot of chai, people.

In other unrelated news, yesterday Neeps decided that the time had come to Roll Over.  At first I thought it might have been a fluke, an accident- but he repeated his results in front of his father, and then again today, leaving no doubt that this breakthrough was, in fact, intentional. We were all duly impressed, and look forward to his further explorations/innovations in the field of Rolling.

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