Morning Enlightenment

February is the month I've designated, "Get Your Crap Back In Order Month".  Which means 28 days of no sugar, no alcohol, yes going to bed/getting up on time, yes morning yoga, and yes daily walks*.

Here we are on day two, and I'm already doing Super Great! (celebrate the little milestones, people)  Neeps is more or less already in the habit of watching me do yoga, staring intently as I move through some very strange positions and chatter away to him about what I'm doing and why.

This morning I said,

"You don't need to do this yet, but someday you probably will.  I hope you start at a younger age than I did, so that you stay supple and never have to feel the body that aches I do.  I want only the best for you," I continued, and then was struck by a realization so profound that it took my breath away- but not before I verbalized it; "I wish I could protect you from everything, but I can't.  The only thing I can do is give you the tools to protect yourself."
I think I just made my mother proud.

*(Yes, I'm aware this month has 29 days in it- Valentine's Day shall henceforth be known as My Big Fat I Do What I Want Day.)

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  1. This realization struck such a fundamental chord with me.