A Nick in Time

Neeps has, in his three short months outside the womb, acquired an impressive array of nicknames.  I wouldn't be too surprised, since one of the reasons we chose the given name we did was because of the various nickname options it offered (both of us being nicknamed individuals, ourselves), except that the vast majority of said nicknames aren't actually related to his name.  Here is an alphabetical sampling*:

Boy Child (kind of a gimme)
Butter Nugget
Chowder Monkey
Cutie McBabeWhiskers (a direct derivative of one of Isis's nicknames)
The Kraken
Little Hawk (special from his Ur-Opa)
Man Cub
Water Dragon (granted this one is directly tied to him wearing his post-bath dragon-towel)

*name must have been used more than once to qualify for this prestigious list

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