Walking on the Waterfront

In an effort to boost my step count (and yet not overly stress my ankle) I took Neeps for a stroll down on the waterfront while Nathan was at church this morning.  I waited until nap time, thinking it would be quite fine for him to sleep in the fresh air.  We started on one end and went all the way to the other end, past that end and into downtown, up and into the farmer's market, which was surprisingly empty, but I chalk that up to the storm that was threatening yet never manifested.  Then we looped around the park and came back.

Throughout it all my son stubbornly stayed awake, right up until the last half mile (of 3.5 in total).
We sneer at your nap schedule.

As such, most of his sleeping was done in the not-so-fresh air of the car.  Ah well.

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