Crossing the Finish Line

Praise be to Brutha, my team has crossed the official "finish line" (1,296,000 collective steps) with three days to spare.  Woo, go team!  Although let's be real, here- it's more like, "Woo, go half of my team!"  Because definitely only three of us were hitting the 8k/day goal.  But I think it's pretty awesome that two of us were spanking that goal with such enthusiasm that we managed to make up for the rest and not just finish but finish early!  Go over-achievers, go!

I am suuuuper excited not to be having to carry my phone around everywhere anymore.  Especially since I haven't worn anything with a skirt in like four weeks in my attempt to keep said phone in my pocket at all times.  All hail the return to cute work dresses!

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