Sweet Sassy Mud-Lassy

Several weeks ago, my friend Sam sent me a message saying, "I think I want to do this!!" and a link to this place.

I checked it out, and it looked pretty intense, but who am I to say no to adventure?

"I'm in!" I replied, and also invited Kayla along.  We got it on the schedule for a date and time that worked for all of us, and that date was today, and that time was this afternoon.

I woke up this morning to rain- real rain, not just the sort of drizzling mist we usually get in the upper-left corner of the country.  And it was scheduled to continue for the entire day.  But as Sam put it, "...it would be fun to run it in the rain!"

And again, who am I to say no to adventure?

We showed up, and after a brief delay because someone forgot both their waiver form and their cash, and ended up having to to sign the bottom of someone else's form and then do a PayPal transaction (me: it was me, and I am the worst) we got a quick tour of the obstacle portion of the course.  Because apparently it's like a 1.5 mile trail run followed by obstacles.

The rain meant that we were the only people there, which was fantastic, since my ankle is definitely still injured (Kayla and I channeled WFR and taped it up ahead of time) (also for real I think I'm going to go back to the doctor because it shouldn't still hurt) and I had plans to unashamedly walk the entire thing.
Wet, but not yet muddy.

We didn't actually walk the entire thing.  We started off at a little jog, which we stopped as soon as we were out of sight of the start, but we kept it to a pretty brisk hike.  It was gorgeous, but also challenging enough that I straight-up just scooted down a steep hill on my butt on multiple occasions, and did mention there's a stretch where you're wading upstream?  Me and my long legs went first so the others could gauge the depth.  I regretted my pants.  (But not my secure hiking shoes!)  And then when we re-emerged from the woods we jogged a little again.  But it's hard to jog with a couple extra pounds of mud clinging to your feet...

The obstacle course was a lot of fun- the rain definitely made it a lot scarier, and I totally opted to skip a few of the obstacles because of it (and my ankle: I didn't do anything I'd have to really jump down from).  And a couple of the obstacles required us to work as a team, because none of us was fit enough to do it solo, but I actually really liked that we worked together.  And I liked that we all went at the same pace and cheered one another on, and I liked that even tho' I mostly was not super-competent, I did kick ass at the traversing obstacle.  Yay rock climbing skills haven't totally atrophied!

(Speaking of rock climbing skills, I also had a few moments on another obstacle where I had to use my "calming breath" technique.  I was glad I'd developed that little skill.)
Triumphant!  And muddy!  And SOAKED THROUGH. (Also damn, look at our guns!)

Anyway we finished the whole thing in under 80 minutes, which as far as I'm concerned is impressive as hell for a trio of ladies who walked most of it (but then again, we also "Noped" right out of a few of the obstacles, and didn't do any burpees, so take our time with a grain of salt...) and also definitely earned me a nice glass of something this evening.
The Last Taste of Sweet Victory.

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