Dark Bling

It's been a good week for Lady Time.  Last Friday I hung out with my Katie, on Saturday I spent the day with my dear friend Anna, and today I got together with the so-lovely Laurel to get a manicure, and then picnic in the park.

Now, I haven't had a manicure in years- and in fact I haven't even had polish on my fingernails since before Neeps was born, what with his tendency to chew on my fingers- so I was pretty excited by the prospect.  Especially since, seeing as how I'm not climbing much (::coughatallcough::) these days, I actually have really nicely shaped nails.

As Laurel and I walked to the nail salon, catching one another up on our respective lives, a small portion of my brain was running down what color I might want.  I decided I would go autumnal, maybe a grey or possibly a rich copper.  I do love a dark grey nail (so sophisticated!), but I was also feeling the need for something flashy, because I'm me and I love autumn and that calls for celebration!

In the end they had the most amazing dark-grey-shot-through-with-iridescent-glitter, just exactly as though the Universe was looking out for me.  I feel very Magical now.
Seriously it's so awesome I sort of wanted to steal the bottle.
Bonus: it matches my mermaid bikini!

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