Ladies' Night Out

Summon my husband.  Hand off baby.  Climb up stairs.  Dig through closet.  Try on skirt.  Try another skirt.  A third skirt.  Screw skirt wearing.  Hold up dress.  Eye forgiving fabric.  It might work.  Pull it on.  Neckline too deep.  Hemline too short.  Looking damn fine.  Hell yes dress.  Sex appeal: check.

Put up hair.  Apply eye makeup.  Dramatic black wings.  A pale mouth.  Contrast is queen.  What is missing?  Digging through jewelry.  A glittering necklace.  Drawing the gaze.  Emphasizing my assets.  Intriguing the viewer.  Add leather boots.  Knee-high, combat.  Tough-girl-stance.  Look-don't-touch.

Out the door.  Driving through darkness.  Parking by work.  Katie meets me.  Wearing a dress.  A good choice.  We walk blocks.  Alternating light: shadow.  Where to go?  So many choices.  Brightly lit bar.  A welcoming atmosphere.  We order drinks.  Drink and talk.  Talk and drink.  We are women.  We are sisters.  We are friends.  We are complete.  In ourselves, complete.

Two drinks each.  Maybe too much?  We are old.  But also young.  Let's seek adventure!  We walk blocks.  Talk for blocks.  Walk and talk.  Talk and walk.  She walks barefoot.  We find mystery.  We remember ourselves.  Back to cars.  Long hugs goodnight.  Back to husbands.  Back to babies.  Back to responsibility.

But recharged, now.

(Write a paragraph with sentences that are no longer than three words each.)

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