Wasting Wishes on the Breeze

No one knows when the Wishes first started manifesting.  Thirty years ago?  Fifty?  Really, the wonder is that anyone put it together at all: touch a floating bit of fluff, a Wish gets granted.

Just not yours.

People reacted in different ways, of course- in the beginning there were those who touched every single wish they came across, self-styled Saviors attempting to bring as much joy as possible to others.  Except it soon became apparent that the Wish was granted not for the Wisher, but for whoever touched it.  Which, of course, led to a different sort of people touching as many as possible in an attempt to bring great joy- or power, or... other things... to themselves.  Some are no better than any other sort of addict, always chasing that next hit of the supernatural.  Others avoid the Wishes at all cost, for they believe that most people Wish neither wisely nor well.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle- they might touch one or two in their lifetime, out of boredom, or curiosity.  And some touch them out of desperation, hoping against hope that someone out there has wished for the same thing they did.

I touched one, in my youth.  And now I get to wear beautiful dresses every day.  Short pretty frocks and long elegant gowns, sparkling fluffy concoctions and skirts that swirl and twirl like a dream.  A child's Wish, obviously, but it put me off Wish-touching, because I realized how lucky I was to get off so easily.  Because once a Wish is granted, it stays granted.  Even if the grantee in question grows up to be a mechanic who has to stuff her dresses into coveralls.

I'm just glad I like dresses.

I sometimes wonder what drove that unknown child to Wish hard enough for it to manifest.  The scenarios that come to minds are... not pleasant.  And I sometimes wonder who got my Wish- because I was one of those desperate, hopeful fools who thought that maybe, just maybe, I could save my sister.

Somewhere out there is a person whose siblings will be in perfect health for the rest of their lives, and they probably don't even realize it.  They might not even have a sister.

But I hope they do.

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