Severan and the Bats

It was humiliating to be brought low by a bunch of flying rodents.

I faced down seven wolves just last night- seven!  With only a third as many allies!  And I wasn't half so injured as this, Severan thought, trying not to complete her disgrace by actually collapsing.  Somehow those damnable bats has managed to shred every last inch of her exposed face and tail- had even miraculously (if evil things were capable of miracles) got their hellish little teeth and claws through the links in her mail.  It should not have been possible- and yet there were the lacerations (and the blood loss) to prove it.

Severan spared a glance for her recovering companions, revising her earlier, less-flattering assessments of them.  The sea-faring elf had more than held his own, using his outlandish harpoon to help defend Severan after the bats' first, critical strike.  It was laughable, now, to think that Severan had deliberately positioned herself in front of his slighter form when they originally entered the cave, concerned that his child-like enthusiasm was going to get him injured.  And the tiny halfling!  He had somehow launched himself through the air in a truly impressive feat of acrobatics, to finish off the last of the swarm that had targeted her.

You are teaching me about judging based on size, aren't You?  Severan thought to her god with a certain amount of irreverent irritation.  Why must you be so very practical with your lessons?  Wouldn't a divine revelation have served just as well?  Hissing with pain, she considered her options for healing.

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