Urgent Care Again

Whelp, we ended up missing the wedding we flew cross-country to attend.  So.  There's that.


The doc saw a "shadow" on my X-ray, so she's not really sure if my ankle's fractured or not, but until we hear back from the specialist they sent it on to, I'm to treat it like a fracture.  Which means a boot and crutches and no weight-bearing which is fine because I can't put any weight on it anyway!  Woo!

The drive home from Urgent Care was painful enough to make us realize that it simply wasn't a good idea for us to go to the wedding, since the site was almost two hours from where we're staying, and we have an infant to care for.  It sucked, but sometimes you just have to make hard decisions.

Instead we've spent the day with my ankle iced and elevated, watching the Olympics.  Plus Nathan brought me some Vietnamese food from one of our Old Haunts to comfort me.  And also some cupcakes because I am really sad about missing wedding cake.

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