Secrets and Lies

It's a well-known fact that my marital motto is "Secrets and Lies".  (It's well-known by people around us, anyway.)  My mom heard Nathan say it, and was Greatly Amused by it.  She shared the phrase with her father, and he not only found it hilarious, but adopted it to apply to our family in general, thus expanding the marital motto into an over-arching House Motto.

We are a chaotic, entertaining bunch.

Anyway, Opa asked my mom to come up and visit, which is why she flew into town today with less than 48 hours warning for us.  Of course, Opa doesn't want Oma to know that he's summoned their daughter on such short notice, and so the Official Party Line is that she's visiting me.  For, like, one day before she goes up to see them for a week.

(No one ever said the Secrets and Lies had to be particularly plausible.)

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